About GCL

General Chemicals Ltd. Was founded in 1983 in Ireland, with the aim of providing solutions for the water treatment sector in Ireland. GCL was the first company to supply Polyelectrolytes in Ireland and was the Sole Agent for the Zetag and Magnafloc range. GCL introduced and marketed this range to the Irish Market and provided more than 70 percent of the Polyelectrolyte market.

Zetag manufacturer – Allied Colloids, went on to be taken over by CIBA and and then BASF and now SOLENIS. With this constant change of ownership and the need for a wider more extensive range of polyelectrolytes, GCL moved to marketing, testing and supplying advanced Superfloc Polyelectrolytes with Kemira.

We now provide the majority of the Municipal Irish Water treatment plants with this range of high performance Polyelectrolytes. This move has proved very successful over the last 15 years. Kemira is one of the largest Polyelectrolyte manufacturers globally today and is committed to stability with polyelectrolyte production and growth.

Working together, we are the only company in Ireland solely dedicated to testing and supplying organic flocculants. We are proud to say we offer an unrivalled service, price and range of Polyelectrolyte and related products in Ireland today.

water@genchem.ie – talk to to our technical reps to see how we can reduce costs massively on your plant.